Innovode Armor - Encryption and Password Protection for Google Drive Files and Documents

armor for google drive

A unique cloud based service that embeds into the fabric of Google Drive so files and documents may not only stored encrypted and password protected but they can also be edited, shared and collaborated on securely.

Armor is available in two tailored version:
Personal Edition and Enterprise Edition

Are you storing sensitive files?

  • Do you worry about Google Drive connected devices being compromised?
  • Do you have misgivings about your cloud provider's security?
  • Are you worried about files being inadvertently shared to the wrong people?
  • Are you concerned about account breach?
  • Do you need to achieve compliance regulations such as HITECH, HIPAA and SOX?

Armor has a tight integration with Google's cloud platform to uniquely enable users to store and use files within Drive, securely.

We offer two versions of Armor both of which are free to try. The Enterprise edition builds on the personal edition to bring greater business and compliance focus.

Personal Edition

  • Suitable for private users, sole traders and small groups
  • File/Document data protection focus
  • Password protection of files and docs
  • Secure storage with military grade encryption
  • Secure file viewing, editing and sharing
  • Full operation from within Google Drive
  • iPad/iPhone support
  • Add to Google Drive with a free 2 week 100MB trial
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  • Available through the Chrome Web Store

Personal Edition Enterprise Edition
For Individuals
For Sole Traders
For Groups
For SMEs
Password Protection
AES-256 Encryption
Drive Integration
Secure File/Doc Editing
and Viewing
Shareable Armor Files
Mobile Device Support (Andriod and iOS)
Document Collaboration Support
Domain Install
Administration Console
Centralized Billing
Reseller Console
Admin Access Override
Extendable Free Trial
Price $30-50/user/year
(discount possible)
(discount possible)
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We have a how-to Armor video which takes viewers through the process of Armor encrypting, decrypting and editing a file, and this comprehensive user guide gives step by step instruction on using all facets of Armor.


Once installed subscriptions to the Armor service may be purchased through the Armor Console. For individuals this is found here and for enterprise users it is here.

Further information on subscriptions is available on the Armor pricing page.

Integrated Armor for Google Drive.

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